Luft Votes No on Budget AV

State Representative Mark Luft (R-Pekin) issued the following statement after the Illinois House of Representatives voted on Governor Pritzker’s amendatory veto of the budget and rules to allow remote voting by members of the Illinois House of Representatives:

“This morning, I got in my truck and drove back to Springfield just two weeks after the spring session ended so that Illinois Democrats could fix a colossal mistake they made on the budget that meant nearly half of it couldn’t be spent until June of NEXT year. 

“As you will recall, late on May 31, democrats pushed through a $42 billion budget just minutes after the final amendment to the more than 3000-page bill was filed. The budget was so big and so dense that not even the people who drafted it knew what was in it before we were asked to take a vote. It wasn’t until almost two weeks later that the error was made public. 

“To make it even worse, Democrats couldn’t get enough of their members back to Springfield today to do the people’s work – so they changed the rules of the House of Representatives to allow for remote voting. Not even at the height of the pandemic was remote voting implemented.

“This was a bad budget on May 31, and it was a bad budget today. I voted no.”