Luft First Bill Signed into Law

The first legislation passed through the General Assembly by freshmen State Representative Mark Luft (R-Pekin) has been signed into law. Luft’s legislation streamlines government and removes an outdated law from the books.

House Bill 1926 repeals the City and Village Tuberculosis Sanitariums Division of the Illinois Municipal Code. This obsolete state mandate required municipalities to operate tuberculosis sanitariums and contagious disease hospitals.  

“I’m glad my background in state government proved so useful in this situation and that we were able to get this redundant, obsolete law off the books,” said Luft. “This law had been a burden on counties, health departments, and municipalities that have had to levy tax and budget for this process. With this simple cleanup, we streamline that process.”

While tuberculosis sanitariums were once common with facilities existing throughout Illinois in communities including Waukegan, North Park Village, Edwardsville, and Peoria, the last closed in the 1970s. Despite the decline in the need for these facilities, this dated law remained on the books, causing unnecessary hurdles for local governments. 

“As legislators, it’s our duty to not only look at new laws but to reexamine old laws to update or remove them when necessary,” said Luft.