Governor Pritzker’s budget spends more than Illinois revenue grows

Yesterday the Governor painted a very rosy picture of where things stand in Illinois. But he left out a few things.

For example, a lot of the fiscal progress he touted is temporary. It wasn’t because of good management – it was because of a wave of federal dollars through the COVID relief bills. We aren’t going to have that money going forward.

He also failed to outline any changes to the underlying structural problems in state government which cause so many of our woes.

Nothing is going to permanently improve without real reforms to property taxes, our job creation climate and our bad habit of overspending.

I liked what the Governor said about some tax relief – especially considering that he’s spent the last three years trying to raise taxes. But I wonder if that’s just a gimmick or if it is something that will actually become a reality. The record of the last few years doesn’t make me optimistic.